What Will I Learn?

You’ll get so many new ideas, tips, and solutions to problems.

When your delegation leaves the ASGA Philadelphia conference, you’ll be taking away specific ideas and “best practices” which will quickly and dramatically improve your Student Government. We’ll help you develop plans to tackle both pressing issues and long-term projects. You’ll also head home knowing how to build a more cohesive team: one that’s prepared to handle new challenges head-on and more efficiently.

Download the “Why Attend an ASGA Conference?” flier.

  1. How to build credibility for your SG
  2. 13 steps to improve your SG
  3. 50 tips to improve your SG elections
  4. 25 worst mistakes your SG can make
  5. How to get along with administrators
  6. Publicity & media relations
  7. How to get students to care about your SG
  8. Parliamentary procedure training
  9. A blueprint for office transitions
  10. Giving constructive feedback and building better teams
  11. Encourage students to run for office
  12. Learn how to get what you want
  13. Learn how to represent all types of students
  14. Improve your meetings
  15. Improve your voter turnout
  16. Enhance your SG’s image
  17. Boost turnout at your events
  18. Find out how to maximize your budget
  19. Recruit new members—and retain them
  20. Improve relations with your administrators
  21. Attract publicity for your important projects
  22. Run ethical and effective campus elections
  23. Get students involved at commuter campuses
  24. Gain real power and influence on your campus
  25. Get a vote on your institution’s board of trustees
  26. Attract a strong, competent, and committed advisor
  27. Develop traditions and awards to spur greater student loyalty
  28. Get the most from conferences and conventions you attend
  29. Deal with conflict in your organization that’s tearing you apart
  30. Learn why your SG shouldn’t start an “alternative” paper
  31. Deal with stifling rules and administrators at private institutions
  32. Offer compensation to attract committed and competent leaders
  33. Develop a transition plan—new officers “shadowing” outgoing ones
  34. Survey your students so you really know what they want from their SG
  35. Build coalitions with different and often-opposing groups and clubs
  36. Get along better with the campus press, and get them to cover you
  37. Avoid pitfalls that cause problems & embarrassment
  38. Organize your office & organization to allow you to seamlessly move between administrations
  39. Deal with stress during your term and the feelings of let-down when it’s over
  40. Deal with the egos of your fellow officers and members
  41. Prevent your administrators from side-stepping and delaying on your requests

If you need help with something that’s not on this list, book a free private consulting hour with one of the Student Government experts. Write to conferences@asgaonline.com.